If you’ve taken medication of any sort* you know the risks inherent with swallowing down and hoping for the best. Coming from someone who gets shit sleep, it’s amazing the cold-sweating that good intentions and a single pill can bring about. But that’s too much information, and rather poor segue into our dialogue regarding Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming Side Effects.

Renn already brought you a trailer and stills, but now we’re entering the viral marketing phase with a site pimping Ablixa, the drug that characters are prescribed in the film. At TryAblixa.com, you’ll be treated to a mental health evaluation from Jude Law that tells you you’re manic depressive with designs on ending your life (at least that’s what he told me) and allow you to sign up for the Ablixa newsletter. All in all it’s a cool piece of promotion that does a fair amount of mood-setting leading into one of the more highly-anticipated films on the horizon.  

*Want to be considerate of any Christian Scientist chewers maneuvering about.