If you squint really hard you might be able to see Star Trek inscribed above INTO DARKNESS!, but thankfully Paramount has the Federation symbol in there as well. I should love this poster. I don’t, but whatever. Don’t mind me. Thoughts below:

Like I say in the headline, this is a poster of mystery (who the hell is that guy?) and symbolism (thank you The Dark Knight Rises). Yes, we know it’s Benedict Cumberbatch and that he’s likely playing Gary Mitchell in the film, but we’re not supposed to know that (it’s in the mystery box) so that’s rendered moot when taking into account the poster. Also, Cumberbatch is standing in front of a gigantically blown to hell federation symbol. Did he make that? Probably not (symbolism) but anyone catching him standing there is now going to associate him with the federation. Which is probably the opposite of the motif a villain should be going for in a film. It’s like the CEO of Coke calling in his secretary so he/she can see him drinking a Pepsi while taking a shit on his┬ámahogany┬ádesk.

Also, the film’s called Star Trek Into Darkness. “Star” should indicate space and “Darkness” should indicate not London.

Sorry, nerd spell. Happy Monday, everyone.