Guy underpants are itchy.Like an unannounced dog turd that silently arrives on your front lawn, Resident Evil: Extinction just kind of plops into theaters this weekend. The esteemed Dellamorte predicts a win for the coiled stinker and I can’t say I’d argue with that kind of logic. But will it be enough to propel the franchise to sequel 4? I don’t know, but Ali Larter has her fingers crossed.

With Jovovich apparently jumping the ship Capcom built and past success being a predictor of this weekend’s BO performance, Sony is looking for another vagina with fan-base to occupy the top spot. So why not Ali Larter’s Claire Redfield? Despite holding the crown for having Heroes worst dialogue and the lamest "superhero" character ever created (since when did schizophrenic bipolarism become a superpower), the girl looks good in varying forms of undress and who wouldn’t tempt pink eye for a chance at an up close and personal with her poop-end.

No one, that’s who.

And thus, the unsurprising "possible sequel" hints were disclosed at the Vegas Resident Evil 3 premier. As reported, Ali Larter stated there are "whispers" her Redfield character will take on the boots and bra-strap mantle of Umbrella Corp. zombie killer. Cleverly playing CYA, Larter quipped, "We’ll see come Monday, right?" Indeed we will, Ali. Indeed we will.