Studio: ThinkFilm
MSRP: $27.98
Rated: Unrated
Running Time: 76 minutes
Special Features:
• Filmmaker Commentary featuring Writer/Director Robinson Devor and Writer Charles Mudede
• Trailer Gallery


The Pitch

“Horse meets dick.”

The Humans

John Paulsen, Ken Kreps, Coyote, Richard Carmen, James Chu and the sexiest horses this side of the O.K. Corral

The Nutshell

In 2005, a Seattle businessman suffered the fatal effects of a colon full of horse cock. An investigation into the incident, uncovered some bizarre video tapes at a horse ranch near Enumclaw. The local police discovered a bizarre collection of animal fuckers that gathered outside of the King County area to express the love that dare not speak its name. The kicker is…bestiality isn’t illegal in Washington.

The Lowdown

Zoo is one of those flicks that are destined to die a quiet death on the Arthouse theater circuit. The very thought of horse fuckery is enough to scare the casual viewer away. You can rest assured that the horse fuckery in this film is more of the Unsolved Mysteries reenactment before you hit the details of the crime. This fluid approach to the unspeakable events makes the ride that much more endurable. But, it’s still not that pleasant.

Zoo 2: Let’s See If We Can Shove This Thing Up Our Asses

Taking an almost Errol Morris style approach to the gathering of the Zoophiles, the filmmakers piece together what little information they have to take a look at this strange gathering of people. They meet online and begin to discuss their fantasies with each other. Feeling their way into a sense of safety, they make plans to meet a local ranch. Through past recollections and audio interviews, we get details about how they make plans to keep their secrets safe. Then, that’s when we get to look at how the fuckery went down.

I see traces of horse cock and a shit encrusted picture of someone named Fokker.

Taking the road of the procedural, we watch as these men come to Washington to meet. Forming an almost impenetrable bond of their sick fetish, they get to share in their love for what they call intelligent creatures. When you watch these people tell you that the horses want it, you can feel your blood boil. You can’t exactly call them rapists, as you don’t get that sense of lust for power in their actions. They exhibit signs of mental illness, as they try to rationalize actions that at times they don’t seem to understand.

The incident isn’t covered in that much detail. It’s hard to talk about since a lot of the zoophiles don’t want to speak about the colon bursting incident that dragged their secret fetish into the media spotlight. Kenneth Pinyan doesn’t get much attention outside of the fact that a horse fucked him to death. Sure, he might have been the genesis of the project, but the filmmakers seem to have more of an investigative slant into what pushes a zoophile into the lifestyle.

Paula Deen is out cruising for some Palomino ass

Some people fault the documentary for being so short. I honestly wonder who wants to spend so much time in a dark part of the world populated by people who you wouldn’t want on the bottom of your shoe. By the end of the documentary, you can’t help but feel disgust for the fact that these people are out there. Will they find help or will the state of Washington change their animal cruelty laws and have these bastards prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? You’re not sure, because you don’t have a concrete answer. That’s why this film succeeds. You’re left with information, but with no closure.

The Package

Elmer has been to Vietnam and Iraq, but the horror of seeing a horse cock erupt out of a man’s navel guaranteed that he wouldn’t be sleeping tonight.

Zoo is a small package that is designed to highlight the film. You get some trailers of other ThinkFilm releases, but there’s not a whole lot outside of the feature itself. The commentary with the Writers and Director doesn’t do a lot outside of giving you the same information that you could pick out of the film through careful viewing. But, it’s not a dry commentary.

All and all, most of you readers will probably see this on premium cable or you might get lucky and rent it. Still, this is a film that I expect to get buried in time. You’ll discover it a few years down the road and marvel at what could lead people to such acts of depravity. Then, you’ll pop in your next-gen DVD of Faces of Death. For the power of such actions are lost upon the growing cultural coldness towards the shocking and inhumane.

You seen that Deliverance movie? Fuckers had it all wrong. You go after Ronny Cox first. He can bend his arms and legs all over his body. Get in there and do some of that tantric shit. That’s what I’m talking ’bout.

7.8 out of 10