This ain’t good. Run Fat Boy, Run, the David Schwimmer-directed, Michael Ian Black and Simon Pegg-scripted romantic comedy, won’t be seen this year. And this only days after Micah spent several minutes writing up the latest trailer.

(A trailer, mind, you, which did nothing but hurt the film by making the script’s pedestrian ambitions all too apparent.)

The flick was originally scheduled for a late September release. Then it was bumped back to October. Now word comes down that Pegg will be running into multiplexes come March 2008, which is a decidedly unseasonable month for jogging. I know it’s already a crowded Oscar field this year, but a move like this just shows a total lack of balls.

Perhaps securing the film a festival berth wasn’t the best idea, after all. Variety commented thusly on Schwimmer’s directorial stance: "a thoroughly competent mainstream craftsman who imposes no individual character on formulaic material." I didn’t see the film in Toronto, figuring I’d have plenty of chance back home in a week or two. Oops.

Who wants to put money on this going direct to DVD?