Funny, I feel like we were just talking about this.

Indeed, Jacko’s entered into official talks to return as Wolverine for Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. What’s unknown is whether he’ll be appearing for a cameo or in a much larger capacity like, say, the star of the film. My honest opinion all along has been that Fox’s reasoning to pull the trigger on a storyline like Days of Future Past, was heavily predicated on undoing some of the series’ lowpoints while still keeping Jackman, unarguably the series’ biggest star, on board for future installments. It makes sense from their standpoint, really. And if we get a decent movie out of it, all the better.

The question now, with The Wolverine on the horizon, is where everything shakes out narratively after Future Past. If this is a soft reboot, which pretty clearly it is, does everything in the original timeline get undone? Or are we looking at an alternate timeline ala Star Trek?

Or does it really even matter, so long as Fox is back in the business of making good X-Men movies?

Source: Heat Vision via Collider