We haven’t seen much from Ed Norton’s The Incredible Hulk, so these just-posted-to-AICN pictures may be of interest to those of you excited about this small, independent project. Judging from the above, it looks like Hulk has landed in an alternate universe Harlem overrun by French Canadians. Judging from the below, he’s none too pleased about it.

As I’ve yet to read Zak Penn’s draft (which, contrary to Norton’s claims, is the script being shot by Louis Leterrier), this is the extent of my analysis. I suppose it’s possible a young Bruce Banner was once hooked off the stage of the Apollo by Sandman Simms (kinda like Zoidberg), and this is the storied theater’s comeuppance, but that would just be silly.

By the way, I especially like the "Harlem Gospel Singers" billing. Very subtle. Was "Singin’ Black People" deemed too on the nose?

We’ll all learn the impetus for the mean green wrecking machine’s uptown slapdown on June 13, 2008.