the ace usage of The Fratellis’ “Chelsea Dagger”, the appearances of Simon Pegg
and Hank Azaria, and the random slapping together of scenes without any sort of
voiceover or narrative, I was quite intrigued by the initial teaser for Run
Fat Boy Run
. Things only got better when I saw that Pegg was co-writing
the screenplay with Michael Ian Black (of The State and Stella fame). Black’s pretty
much just written for TV, but I love Stella in an unhealthy way, and it’s
better to have no track record than the atrocious one of his fellow The
vets Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon (e.g. The Pacifier, Balls of Fury, Night
at the Museum

Now, the
full trailer is here, and I’m
starting to have some doubts. Maybe it’s the one-size-fits-all boilerplate of
it, but it seems like they just did a bang-up job of hiding all of the boring
shit in the teaser, and now it’s on full display. Now Pegg’s the typical goofball
screwup romantic comedy lead. Thandie Newton, who’s about as interesting as the
letter B, stands there and says stuff as “the one that got away.” You see where
this is all going. Oh, they try to take you back to the good old days by
reviving “Chelsea Dagger” halfway through, but it’s no use. The trailer’s
scrabbling about to get its knickers on, but I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen it

I still
hope there’s plenty of good to be found here, but we’ll soon seen when Run, Fat
Boy, Run hits theaters on October 26th. Click here to do the damn thing for yourself.