*If you’re not big into words, scroll down to perhaps buy some tix or take a look at some truly gorgeous (and exclusive) Fernando Reza artwork.

Theatres of Mall of America has become something of a second home for me lately. I already do many a prescreening there, but lately their events have been skewing more and more towards some incredibly Chewer-friendly programming. Of course I was on hand for November’s Twilight marathon, but we also had the privilege of bringing Universal Soldier to the theatre last August. Bit of a give and take in my opinion.

This endeavour is thanks in large part to their representative, Mr. Chris Grap, a dude I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know pretty well over the past six months. Chris is also one of the founding minds behind the maddeningly fun Star Wars Holiday Special Toys For Tots Screening held here in Minnesota every year. For the holidays this year, Chris resolved to put an event together with us Chewers in mind. And he came up with an idea I’ve been fucking in love with since the start:

Ever notice a lot of Shane Black’s output tends to have Christmas somewhere in there? So did we. Beginning tomorrow evening November 29th at 9:30 and continuing every Thursday thereafter in the lead-up to Christmas, Theatres MOA will be putting some of Shane Black’s finest work on the big screen just for you and I. For the price of $5 per movie, you get to be a part of this insanely badass schedule of films:

  • Lethal Weapon – Thursday, November 29th / 9:30PM (Buy Tickets)

  • The Last Boy Scout –  Thursday, December 6th / 9:30PM (Buy Tickets)

  • The Long Kiss Goodnight – Thursday, December 13th / 9:30PM (Buy Tickets)

  • Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang – Thursday, December 20th / 9:30PM (Buy Tickets)

Chris and I want to bring more kickass programming like this to the Twin Cities. In order to do that, we really need your support. So to sweeten the deal, we got in touch with insanely talented artist and Friend of CHUD™ Fernando Fro Reza and commissioned the following, stunning piece of ass-kicking holiday cheer:

Purchase four tickets and she’s yours. Whether you bring three buddies with you, or buy a ticket for each of the four films, we start dolling these beautiful puppies out at the theatre 9PM tomorrow (only with proof of four ticket purchases). So, for 20 bucks, you can conceivably see all four films in the series and walk out with your very own, exclusive Fro Design. Not a bad deal.

Start here, and work your way up. We’d love for you to come out and celebrate Christmas with us the hard way. The Shane Black way.