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With The Hobbit fast approaching with its inevitable first look at Pacific Rim, it’s time for the film’s marketing efforts to gear up, the viral element to begin and with them, the realization that Guillermo Del Toro has directed a fully-budgeted blockbuster about mechs and monsters that WB is going to release. Awesome.

The start of their efforts is launching PanPacificDefense.com, which currently features a map, a countdown, a soundtrack of winter wind and groaning metal, and points to a US emergency broadcast test for a Kaiju attack warning system. 

This joins a leaked document (included below) provided to Total Film, which details the Great Britain Air Command nominating a few good men for the Pan Pacific defense force. One name is redacted- might it be Stacker Pentecost, aka Idris Elba’s character?  I love that Guillermo has chosen to unapologetically refer to the monsters as Kaiju, has named the mechs “Jaegers” (for the German infantry term and Dutch word for “hunter”), and has a character named goddamned Stacker Pentecost. What a magical man.

It remains to be seen what we’re going to get when it strikes 0:0:0, but whatever the countdown is leading to will occur at 7pm EST on the 12th of December- two days before The Hobbit hits theaters.

Keep your eyes peeled on that radar…