First of all, fuck yes to Dwayne Johnson leading solid-looking actioners.

So, when a drug incident gone bad leaves his son taken by the feds, The Rock will use his very particular set of skills –namely being a big, mean motherfucker– to bring down a cartel in a very unlikely plea bargain (that is apparently based on a true story?).

This is the setup for┬áRic Roman Waugh’s Snitch, which sees the stunt coordinator-turned-director finally graduating from more DTV fare to an outright feature action flick. This is standard, B-grade Jason Statham stuff, but with Dwayne Johnson at its center and actors like Susan Sarandon, Berry Pepper, Michael K. Williams, and Benjamin Bratt surrounding him, this could be a very good time. It’s playing squarely in the “latent paternal badass” genre that Liam Neeson had revived in recent years, and Johnson’s mix of warm earnestness and concussive muscular force will make him a great protag within it.

Check it out, and mark your calendar down for February 22nd, 2013.