Let’s keep this simple.

Drew McWeeny has apparently dug up some grapevine-traveling word from around the halls of Warner Brothers suggesting that not only is a plan being formulated to put Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Bat suit in Justice League, but that he and another Nolan trilogy actor are being tapped for an unknown purpose here soon.

So, the meat of this is that not only will Nolan’s Dark Knight continuity effectively continue on, but that it will become part of a shared universe with Man Of Steel and the soon-boiling Justice League film hinged around Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character moving forward in Bruce Wayne’s place. Also, this news very subtly jibes with older rumors from WB concerning their plans to skip an origin, start the hero back up in Justice League, and follow up with a year-two caped crusader story in a film called The Batman (which nicely turns “Batman” into a title one hold’s, rather than a single person now don’t it?). It distinctly does not jibe with rumors of Armie Hammer being up for the role again, but I’d call bullshit on that line of thought quicker than any of the rest of this stuff, frankly.

The gristle of this story is the speculation that starts- are JGL and, say, Gary Oldman or Michael Cain (I’d guess the former) perhaps being pulled in for a Marvel-style stinger to be added onto Man Of Steel? How will continuity be handled between the new Superman film, Nolan’s trilogy, and the team-up films? Etc. etc. etc.

I’ve long said that it would be a smart way to do a soft reboot on Batman to let JGL to continue forward, while also allowing a new director to make a new stamp with a Batman that would inherently have to be more detective than ninja (Rian Johnson? Eh? Eh?). Already I’m seeing frustrating levels of geek silliness on Twitter, asking how this would make sense with Bruce Wayne still around (he’s old, decrepit, retired, and has definitively passed the torch to someone able-bodied. DONE.) or how this or that won’t fit together.

I think it’s a little early for all of that. Let’s pop the breaks and deal with the baseless speculation at hand! If you’ve got thoughts, I wanna hear ‘em. Shout out down below on how you think this could (or why it won’t) work out.

Source | HitFix