Yeah, I looked up the conversion, what of it?

While it’s hard to set aside the One Thousand Dollar pricetag and merely admire its beauty, if you do, the Harry Potter Page To Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey (Collector’s Edition) set is certainly a gorgeous one, with 8 leather (and monster hide) bound books containing exhaustive details about the decade-long process of bringing the most successful book franchise of all time to screen. The crown jewel is of course The Monster Book of Monsters, complete with toothy borders and fuzzy spine, which joins the other 6 books that were created especially for this collector’s set. Some of the others include a detailed creature design gallery, an exploration of the graphic design in the wizarding world, as well as a book that collects all of the paintings in Hogwarts together (they don’t move).

You can check out the gallery below to see some details of each individual book as you wonder if maybe it might be worth dipping into some dark magic (read: crack sales) to gather the funds to nab this bastard. If you’re going for it, do it quick; the set goes on sale December 4th, is already on pre-order, and only 3,000 sets will be made. Considering Amazon is currently discounting the set to a mere $600 and this is Harry freaking Potter we’re talking about, it’s likely they’ll be tough to find before long.

The centerpiece book — Harry Potter Page To Screen– is available as a stand-alone volume for the much more muggle-friendly price of $43 dollars, so you may well want to check that out as a very doable gift this season. Oh, and if you’re not going to spend that much to read but are willing to drop some cash for Potter, note that the 31-disc mega Blu-ray set is down to $350

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