Last night was the premiere of the latest season of Survivor; this time the gimmick was Fans vs Favorites. One team is made up of people who are supposedly huge fans of the show (like Survivor: China‘s winner, the gay Mormon flight attendant Todd), while the other is made up of ‘beloved’ characters from previous seasons. It’s an interesting gimmick, and the Fans have already showed the Favorites that they don’t actually have much of an advantage, since they took the first Immunity Challenge very handily.

Some general thoughts:

- The season is off to a great start, with a lot of twisty and thoughtless scheming from the Favorites. Douchebag Jonny Fairplay took a bullet last night, and I think it was because his ‘plan’ – where he would beg to get voted off – backfired in a big way. It was great seeing Jeff go to town on him at Tribal Council.

- Yau Man cannot last long, as he’s the biggest threat when they get down to the final three. That guy will win a million bucks against anyone else who is seated with him.

- The transsexual looking Fan says she only met one other gay person ever. Hilarious.

- Amanda is so hot. And she’s the kind of girl who is hotter when all muddy and tired than when she is made up. It looks like she bangs porn star Ozzie next week; I’ll try not to be jealous.

- I can’t wait to see if James does something stupid again this season.

- This is the first season where I’ve been impatient for the merge from the beginning – I want to see how the Fans and Faves interact when they’re one tribe.

- Most of the Faves are deadly stupid. Most of the Fans seem to be boring, but I guess next week we’ll get more insight into these people.

- As every season I have my fingers crossed that this is the one where someone gets crippled/killed/pregnant.