Here’s a hint to you international travelers in the audience: don’t stay at the Radisson SAS in Belfast. The internet has been out in the hotel for 24 hours now, which has been incredibly frustrating for someone who, you know, writes on the internet. Fuck these people.

In the meantime, here are my pictures from my first full day in Belfast. There’s a travelogue coming, but for now just enjoy the snaps.

Dawn at 37,000 feet somewhere over the North Atlantic.

My room at the Radisson Hotel, which has no motherfucking internet.

A Belfast street scene right outside the hotel. One of the many. many Guinness signs. Speaking of which…

I was wandering Belfast at 7AM and I came across this Guinness glass at a bus stop. Way to disprove the stereotype, Irishmen. Extra points for the Guinness ad on the bus shelter.

The Painthall, where City of Ember is being filmed. This was once where they painted giant ships, like the Titanic.

Sampson. Or Goliath. One of the two giant ship cranes that dominates the Belfast skyline. They’ve been listed as historic, despite only being about 30 some odd years old.

The Drawing Office of Harland & Wolff, where the Titanic’s blueprints were drawn up. Same goes for the next couple of pictures.

The Harland & Wolff logo, still on the doors.

The hills around Belfast, with the industrial landscape of the shipyards.

They are WAY into the Titanic here, where it was built. The 2012 anniversary of the ship is already anticipated.

You can barely see it, but a rainbow I caught out of my hotel room window.