screenings are coming fast and furious, and speaking of coming fast and furious…adolescent boys. Daniel Radcliffe plays one of ‘em in his "breakaway from Harry Potter" flick December Boys, and yes, some onscreen virginity is lost. In between, he smokes, drinks, and gets to know Australia, where this baby was filmed. Granted, this is all less shocking if you saw his turn on Extras, Series Two, but it’s still his biggest bid yet to get a career outside of the magical films he’s known for.

This screening is just for the Atlanta folk, and it’s super easy to get to. Just click the link below with your name, and show up to the Plaza Theater on Ponce this coming Monday, September 17 at 6:30pm, where free moviedom awaits.

Yes, I know screenings are usually 30-60 minutes later than that, but if you wanna see the flick and can make it there early, here’s your chance.