The Walking Dead: Season 3 has thus far shown that jettisoning Frank Darabont was a good thing for the show. 6 episodes into this 16 episode season, and every single one has been great. Michonee, a character introduced during the prison story arc in the comic (which lasted over 30 issues!) has been with us since a cameo in the season 2 finale, but another character, Tyreese, who became Rick’s right hand man in the 7th issue, which was the issue right after Shane got clipped by Carl (as a still living person), has yet to appear.

Well, that’s all changing as a gent named Chad Coleman, who was on The Wire, amongst other shows has been signed on to play Tyreese. Tyreese was a pretty popular character in the comic, and he started up a relationship with Carol, then Michonne, but what’s great about the show is how they’re only loosely adapting the comic, so I’m really looking forward to how he is used in the show. Rumor going around is he’s being introduced in episode 8, which is conveniently the last episode until the break and we won’t get to see the other 8 episodes until February.

Source: Vulture