weeks ago on my way out of a matinee of Superbad (Seriously, I do not get
the hype for this film. Spots of funny, but it aint a gamechanger.), my wife
and I were approached by some marketing research peeps to watch some “previews
of upcoming films” and share our Joe-average opinions. While I got saddled with
the punch to the chops that is Hunting and Fishing/299
(“Spoof” of 300 from the Date Movie numbnuts featuring Method
Man, Kevin Sorbo, and some mighty timely Britney Spears and You
Got Served
jokes), my wife ended up sneaking a peak at the maudlin The
Bucket List
AKA the film that Jack Nicholson went bald for AKA Really
Old Wild Hogs

But why
should you guys have to miss out on the fun? Because you want to? Shit on that.
We all suffer together, so now the full trailer for the film is online for one
and all. The Rob Reiner-directed flick is the story of a crotchety old coot
(Nicholson) who has his life turned upside down when he finds out he’s terminally
ill due to cancer. He’s placed in a room with another old guy who bears an
uncanny resemblance to God (Morgan Freeman), and – wouldn’t you know it – he has
a list of risky, youth-skewing things that he wants two stuntmen who look like
Freeman and Nicholson to do before they die. They each discover what’s really
important in life and yadda yadda yadda. Surprisingly, cheesy piano music drifts
in and out of the proceedings. If only they’d used the picture to the right as
a starting point and instead given them a movie vehicle in which they both
played evil New Age pimps who use The Secret to keep their bitches in

don’t you dare miss out. It’s not like you can escape this anyway…the film
comes out the Friday before Christmas, so one or more family members may force
you to see this as part of “an outing.” Click
here to watch the tearjerking for yourself
, and get ready for when The
Bucket List
hits on December 21.