, I just hope this story is the truth, as the last time I linked to a Variety piece about a new Ricky Gervais movie, it had a very deep foundation in bullshit.

This project, however, sounds like the genuine article. Currently titled This Side of the Truth, it’s a comedy set on an alternative Earth where no one lies. Gervais will play an actor who, when forced to relate an historically accurate account of the Black Death (since lies are verboten, drama doesn’t exist), decides to spice it up a little with a few seemingly innocent whoppers. Of course, his version of the happiest time in human history proves a hit with audiences; suddenly, he’s "the greatest storyteller of all time".

Gervais will direct This Side of the Truth in Spring 2008 with co-writer Matt Robinson. Lynda and Oly Obst will produce. The premise definitely has potential, but what most matters to me is that Gervais just finished production on the third season of Extras. The only downside there is that it’s not going to debut until December 18th. Thank god Curb Your Enthusiasm is funny again (please tell me "The Blacks" will be visiting all season). Combine that with the unintentionally hilarious Tell Me You Love Me (disclaimer: must be watched in the company of friends), and maybe the wait won’t be so excruciating after all.

Edit: Variety got it wrong again! It’s not a third season of Extras, but the Christmas special. What’s sad is that I already knew this and still lazily regurgitated Variety‘s reportage. I am so very good at what I do.