I remain baffled by the coverage of the Evil Dead remake, which has seemed overwhelmingly tainted by negativity indirectly proportional to how interesting it has looked at any given time. When the unusual principle creatives were announced — rewriter Diablo Cody and director Fede Alvarez — the response was a big “blech” despite a whole lot of potential there. It got even worse with word that the plot would twist up the hero character or perhaps make it some sort of drug-intervention plot, ideas that read as bold at the very least, but seemed to be met with a collective wet fart noise. Finally we got a trailer, one that looks like the same kind of hyper-slick horror remake we always get with the same findelity to nilla-waferized versions of the same beats and, suddenly, “this thing might not be all bad!”

This is all from my seat obviously, so maybe you’ve felt differently or observed a different narrative in the buzz. It’s been weird for me though.

This poster is really just a bold claim nakedly engineered to be shared all over the place, which is fine. Who wasn’t going to write up an Evil Dead poster regardless?

Somehow though Mr. One Sheet… I doubt it. I just plain doubt it.


 via Collider