A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead (Fetal Page) has found a home at the Weinstein Company with theatrical distribution in the mix but based on the numbers of the deal [up to around two and a half million greenbacks] I can’t imagine the film being unleashed on 2,500 screens with a massive push. It makes sense I suppose, as the film is a unique documentary meets fiction curiosity told from the perspective of young filmmakers as they experience their little horror flick becoming all too real when a zombie apocalypse ruins it for everyone [except the zombies, who love the turn of events].*

Whether or not the film reboots the Romero franchise remains to be seen but the director [who is very tall] is very pleased and energized with the results and that’s all that really matters.

Russ came, saw, and name-dropped the film in his Toronto Film Festival Coverage and seemed pretty pleased with the results, and as a fellow fan of Land of the Dead (Tag Team review) I hope this little sucker keeps the ball rolling on not only Romero shambler films but theatrical Romero films in general. Unlike some other true "Masters" of horror, the Pittsburghian overlord seems to still have his creative wits about him and actual drive to keep himself in the game and delivering seminal work.

Now the onus is on Bob and Harvey to make sure people see the thing.

And now the article in Varietyspeak:

Romero pic will be distribbed by Weinstein Co. deal terms in the mid 2 mil. Pic shot in wood dur. A. 8. Fu. Poop. Sir. C. % # ? ||~ $ Gunter glieben glauchen globen SPELL CHECK IMPLOSION

* – I got nuthin’.