on Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Watchmen has quietly gotten under way in Vancouver, and a Watchmen fan site,, has scored some pics from the production. The photos were taken at Nat Bailey Stadium last week, where Snyder was filming a scene where Dr. Manhattan meets John F Kennedy. Visible in the pictures is a Kennedy look-a-like, as well as a Jackie O (well, she was still Jackie K, but she’s always be Jackie O to me) look-a-like. Billy Crudup was on set as well, decked out in his Dr. Manhattan ‘costume.’ Here’s what the spy told the site:

Billy Cruddup was there, suited up, as the blue super hero Dr. Manhattan. The shoot consisted of Cruddup shaking hands with the look-alike actor playing JFK in front of a green screen while look-alike Jackie, Caroline and JFK Jr. stood close by. Cruddup’s costume consisted of a suit with white gloves and a piece that covered his hair that “lit up with blue LEDs.” The LED covered gear is most likely motion capture equipment used to aid in adding special effects during post production.

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