You won’t find Matthew Quick’s most inspirational story in any of his books, but only because he hasn’t written an autobiography. Thankfully his journey from high school English teacher to where we find him now, his book adapted by David O. Russell into a big-time feature film and awards contender, is now being told. I was disarmed by the author as it was plain to see what a kind, level-headed individual Quick was in our sit down a couple weeks back. But more than that, he provided great insight on what it’s like to see one’s book become a movie.

His was an uneasy journey with a happy ending, as mental health and financial issues threatened to hamper his writing aspirations. But the burgeoning author persevered, and Quick’s success is an example of Hollywood getting it right. Renn wrote a positive review of Silver Linings Playbook and I don’t disagree with a single word. Quick talks about wanting to write the script for the film, only to immediately and happily defer to David O. Russell (this is Russell’s first book adaptation) when Russell became attached. Still, Quick’s success hasn’t gone to his head. As our conversation begins I’m taken aback as he pours me a glass of ice water: