With Film seems to be the only site getting solid information about the Justice League movie, even if it isn’t the kind of earth shattering casting news that makes up the bread and butter of scoop-driven websites. Last week they were the first with the fact that casting agents had been hired for the film; now they say that not only has the movie been greenlit, it’s adding Barrie M. Osborne as a producer.

Osborne is a real A-lister, having worked on The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings films, as well as having gotten his start with Francis Ford Coppola. His presence on this picture is actually very surprising, and could be a sign that Warner Bros is taking this more seriously than just pre-strike quickie. Eggs are being placed in this basket, and hopefully they’ll be allowed to hatch and be counted. I think I’m mixing my metaphors here, but you get the point: putting real talent on the movie is a sign that they want to make this more Harry Potter and less The Flash TV show.

The site also says that their sources claim the movie will shoot in Sydney from February to June, taking it right up to the strike – better bring this one in on schedule, George Miller! What’s funny is that when it was announced that Warner Bros had hired writers for a Justice League movie, I scoffed, but now it looks like this son of a bitch is all but a done deal. Hey Warner Bros, keep me in mind for the set visit. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia!