Sounds like screenwriter Aaron Sorkin will be taking an unconventional approach to an unconventional man- he’s told The Daily Beast that his Steve Jobs biopic script (not the Kutcher one) is comprised of three real-time scenes covering the final 30 minutes before a major product launch.

According to reports, this triptych will follow Jobs in the three final half hours before launching the original Mac, before launching NeXT between his stints at Apple, and then before launching the first iPod once he’d returned to the company. It’s a rather theatric way of going about it, but when you’re tasked with writing a biopic that will inevitably be met with bigger-than-life expectations, zigging instead of zagging is a smart call. I can already smell the potential for some really interesting storytelling and dimensional character building with this approach and, frankly, it just sounds super cool. Apparently he also mentioned that the final line of the film will be “here’s to the crazy ones,” which is a famous component of Apple’s advertising campaigns for a number of years. I probably could have gone without knowing that.

Still, shit, this is a guy who structured one of the most entertaining dramas in the last ten years around people at a table giving depositions, so I’m not even gonna front: Sorkin has all of my faith.

Also, in more gossipy bullshit news, the Newsroom creator says that the second season actually cuts off a day before the Patreus scandal broke (so I guess it will dramatically leave off before the election results?), so don’t expect any sexy CIA controversy on HBO next year.


Source | Daily Beast (via Gizmodo)