This is a special kind of synergy.

While Cosmopolis was surely a strange, occasionally violent¬†exercise, and while his son Brandon isn’t doing such a bad job on the gooier, grosser end of the sci-fi horror genre, there are many that still long for David Cronenberg to come back and give us some of that old-time religion in the body horror arena. The master filmmaker has made it clear returning to body horror is neither a priority nor something he’s avoiding, but his filmography of late demonstrates how varied his interests have become.

Still, I think many will find it comforting in some small way to hear that Cronenberg isn’t completely ignoring his title as the king of the visceral, disturbing subversion of the human form, and has taken on a gig narrating a documentary about the illegal organ trade!¬†Called Tales From The Organ Trade, it covers the seedy, unpleasant world of black market body part sales, and it is a co-production with HBO, who will air the special in 2013.

It’s hard enough to imagine the horror of waking up in a tub of ice missing my kidney (and, oh, my right testicle, just for fun), but it’s even more terrifying to imagine the experience being described in V.O. by David Cronenberg.


Source | Deadline