, the biggest high school drama story right now is Vanessa Hudgens’ naked pictures, but once you’ve filled your spooge sock*, turn your attention to another high school production: Hamlet 2.

It’s a great idea: a teacher tries to save the drama department at his school by writing a sequel to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Conceptually this could be a brutal pisstake on the modern Hollywood sequel and remake industry, and the fact that Steve Coogan** is starring makes it more likely that this will be a funny movie with some bite. At least, I hope so – while the film has Pam Brady on the script (she did great work on South Park, Team America and Hot Rod), it also has Andy Fleming co-writing and directing. Fleming did Nancy Drew and the horrifyingly bad The In-Laws remake. On the other hand, he did Dick… the movie, not the appendage. As far as I know. Anyway, that was a pretty durn good picture, so maybe he wants to get back to not being a hack.

Catherine Keener will star alongside Coogan. Filming begins in a couple of weeks in New Mexico. Here’s to hoping this is a good one.

*don’t worry, she’s 18. Chris Hansen won’t come ambling out of your kitchen.

** I don’t care what Courtney Love claims about your involvement in Owen Wilson’s attempted suicide – I still love Alan Partridge!