The problem with releasing the trailer for one of your new exclusive shows is that you can’t much guarantee everyone will see it in ideal quality- such as it was with this House Of Cards trailer that first floated around the web as low-quality rips of the Netflix-hosted trailer from yesterday. Fincher photography deserves better than lite-brite resolution.

In any event, the trailer for David Fincher’s new series is nice and shiny and embeddable now, so take a look if you haven’t already.┬áThe show looks clean and straightforward, with the focus put on the performances and politically-barbed verbal sparring. Little of the trailer has the self-important but captivating ring of Sorkin’s undeniably chewy dialogue, but Spacey is on point and who doesn’t love conspiratorial drama about the top level of civilization?

This series reprsents a pretty huge undertaking, as Netflix has dumped $100m in this series which will be an HBO-style drama of 13 hour-long episodes per season. Two seasons have already been ordered, and when Netflix debuts the show on February 1st, 2013, it will do so by dumping the entire season online at once. They see the millions of people binging millions of hours of TV, consuming entire seasons of TV in a Sunday afternoon, and they’re not a bit afraid- the instification of media marches on.

Fincher directed the first two episodes of House Of Cards himself, and you can see his fingerprints in more than just the glassy RED photography, and the ultra-precise shot selection. I’m excited to see how he lets his scenes breath on television, and how much this show will reflect his sensibilities as it moves forward.

Here’s the Netflix home base for the show if you need to do some registering before February.