biggest action movie of the year is about to get a whole lot bigger: Transformers is hitting IMAX screens on September 21. And this isn’t just the same movie you saw in theaters two months ago – this version will have more footage. Probably of things blowing up… in IMAX!

So you want to sit in the front row and get violently motion sick while enjoying the best special effects spectacle of the decade? CHUD is there for you. We have 25 pairs of tickets to give away, as well as some other cool swag. The tickets are good at any participating IMAX theater – just click here to see who’s participating. We also have a Megatron toy, a Transformers hat, an Optimus Prime key chain and a BEEEOTCH air freshener for your own transmogrifying whip.

To enter simply send me your name, your email and the name of your local participating IMAX theater as shown on that link above. I’m not letting you win tickets if you can’t use them! Send this all to with IMAXFORMERS in the subject line.