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So this could be bullshit and if not, it’s certainly a spoiler. Fair warning.

So “a” suit from the new Robocop rebootmake has made the rounds via spy pics and ample blog coverage, and the response has –almost universally– resembled a big, wet fart. A bland, hyper-slick creation that ain’t all that robo, it certainly hasn’t done much to curb the cynicism of skeptical Verhoeven fans.

Well cut to today, as a cavalier instagram user has blasted out a picture of what he claims will be the suit donned by Robocop for the vast majority of the film. You can check that out below, and even through the fog and filters you’ll see it is much more of what you’d expect from a modern Hollywood production. Elaborate, detailed, aggressive… it’s not necessarily any more faithful to the old Robocop, but it’s at least a unique, memorable suit that makes Tony Stark’s digs look quaint and anemic.

If I recall Drew McWeeney’s extensive tweeting of his impressions from the script correctly (and I do), there is a portion of the film that involves a focus group of criminals that laugh at the first design, inspiring a meaner look for the ultimate suit. Whether or not the svelte black suit we’ve seen so far or the chromed-out beast we’re seeing today is the 80s-looking “toy” and which is the slicker red-design isn’t entirely clear (I frankly think this guy has it backwards). Still the guy posting the picture doubled down on his claim on twitter, so who knows?

So, what say you of this suit, chewers? And does the design ultimately matter if the concept itself is so loaded and mis-guided?

Source | Comic Book Movie (via /Film)