While the opening chase is great, it wasn’t until the opening credits of Skyfall that it became clear that, oh yeah, shit’s going to get real. Another beautiful piece of work from Daniel Kleinman, the sequence is filled with submersed environments featuring floating curls of scarlet and ominous, graven images. While there are plenty of beautiful silhouetted women, there’s a much bigger focus on Bond struggling with his own reflection and shadows. It’s all delightfully suggestive of the film that follows both in terms of actual plot and subtext.

Well now you get to enjoy them at your leisure by way of an upload from Kleinman’s company, and without any actual credits mucking up the image. Enjoy!

While Kleinman’s work for Casino Royale remains my favorite, there’s no doubt he has consistently turned in fabulous sequences of sexuality, violence, and psychedelia since Goldeneye –on which he replaced the departed Maurice Binder– and that this is a particularly memorable entry.

I picked up on this via Phil Noble, Jr. who gracefully fills out the background on the history of Bond titles at BAD. Don’t forget though, that our own Daniel Baldwin has done a fabulous job breaking down Bond lore with his series of editorials, culimnating with his look at Skyfall & Beyond.