remain unashamed of my deep and abiding love for Jackass, both the television series and the two movies. There’s a brilliance on display, not only in the conception of the insane stunts and pranks, but also how they’re shown to us; the different Jackasses have their own personalities that shine through in just a few moments, and so we get to wince at the things happening to them while sort of thinking they deserved it once in a while. The Jackass crew seems like a bunch of guys you would like to drink with, except for the fact that you’d be constantly afraid they were going to shove thumbtacks up your dickhole or something.

They also have a healthy attitude towards DVD double dipping, and the upcoming DVD is going to be packed with new stuff. Not only is there 40 minutes of material that was left out of the film (including the scene of Don Vito getting his tooth pulled by a car), but the Jackass guys are in LA right now, shooting new stuff. This is looking to be essentially Jackass 2.5Jackass 3 in a lot of ways – there’s likely to be well over an hour of new material on this DVD, which arrives for Christmas.

Go over to Slashfilm, where they have some behind the scenes video of the new intro to the film being shot; it involves Johnny Knoxville doing a parody of the famous opening scene of Patton – a reference sure to fly right over the heads of the young crowd that the film snobs consider to be the Jackass audience. But that’s part of why I love those guys.