I enjoy Morgan Spurlock’s films for what they are, though I’ve never considered the man a legit documentary filmmaker. Much like Michael Moore his films are too steeped in perspective to retain unbias journalistic integrity. And of course both men are seemingly predisposed to making themselves the stars of their respective works.

Which leads me to wonder if Spurlock will still be present in front of the camera for his latest documentary: a 3D film chronicling the world tour of popular boy band One Direction. More important than asking what one direction is, is asking why. An English-Irish assembly of five goofy looking tweens in goofy looking clothes, they seem to be next in line to assume Justin Bieber’s “Dainty, Unthreatening Teen Idol” mantle.

Speaking of Bieber, the obvious comparison here is that singer’s Never Say Never 3D film from Paramount. Footed by TriStar, this new doc will be co-produced by Spurlock and Simon Cowell, who discovered the band on the British version of X-Factor.

Spurlock attempted to confront the corporate machine in Super Size Me. Are we now watching the filmmaker get assimilated by it?

Source: THR via Collider