of just bumping the one article for the CHUD Podcast,
I’m going to give each installment their own so that we can build this
thing up a little better and keep it fresh. Of course fresh isn’t
exactly on the menu with these shows due to the meandering craziness of
them, but you get my drift.

#23 – Fire in the Sky

The takeover, the breaks over. God podcast, us CHUD-Hova. Aaaaand that’s why I’m not dropping hot 16s on Rap City. I’m dropping hot podcasts, bitch! What?! This latest is quite the monster. Running at two hours plus, it also features the largest podcast…err, cast assembled for the duration. In addition to regular stalwarts Justin and Nick, we also got CHUD’s own Russ Fischer, samurai apologist Carl Cunningham, and myself on the mic for the whole shebang. We get all up in a summer movie post-mortem, Aaron Eckhart, Megan Fox, and plenty of other gripping subjects for you to enjoy. I also narrate some rather insane Mad Libs, and we’ve got a few fun voicemails from "a fan". This thing’s just chock full of the goods.




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