James Cameron
c. Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet
release date: November 20, 2007

The movie is becoming quite a joke as this is yet another release for the blockbuster. Released in 1997 and watched by every woman on the planet enough times to gross almost two billion dollars, the DVD has started to look similar to The Evil Dead in how many times it gets a release. In 1999 we got a vanilla widescreen version with nothing on it at all. In 2005 we got a 3-Disc Special Collectors Edition with commentary, deleted scenes, an extended ending and a cool branching effect where you can branch off to view background stuff during the playing of the movie. That should be it. I mean what more could you want? Well, we will find out soon as Paramount Home Entertainment has confirmed a release date for a 10th Anniversary edition of November 20. I don’t see anything that would make it worth buying as the 3-Disc Edition has just about everything you could ever want.


Hot FuzzHot Fuzz
Edgar Wright
c. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg
release date: November 27, 2007

I have a theory. Either Edgar Wright loves us or Edgar Wright really hates us. When Edgar Wright was interviewed before Hot Fuzz was released, he stated that the Wal Mart exclusive disc would be pretty much the same as the UK release. He was mistaken. The commentary tracks were not available. I went on a diatribe about how Wal Mart packaged the special disc almost exclusively with FULL SCREEN only. I know some of you got it in Wide Screen and some knew how to work around it and I hate you all. Now my theory is that maybe Edgar Wright hates us because with that interview millions of Hot Fuzz fans bought into the hype and bought the Wal Mart versions with less features than the UK or they said screw it and bought the single disc with MUCH LESS materials. Why does he hate us? Because now that we have all bought it, they have announced a 3-Disc Special Edition that is pretty much just like the UK version. Talk about raping our double dipping asses. Now, there is my second theory. Edgar Wright loves us because he saw what happened to his disc in the US and set out to make it right. He showed how well the discs were selling and convinced his distributors to go ahead and let us have the whole glorious deal. I would rather believe that he loves us. Here is what we get on the new release this November.

Disc One

  • Commentary with Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright
  • Commentary with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jim Broadbent, Rafe Spall, Kevin Eldon & Olivia Colman
  • Commentary with Kenneth Cranham, Timothy Dalton, Paul Freeman & Edward Woodward
  • Commentary with The Real Fuzz – Any Leafe & Nick Eckland
  • Commentary with Edgar Wright & Guest
  • Outtakes
  • Storyboards
  • Fuzz-O-Meter (Trivia Track)
  • Inadmissible: Deleted Scenes
  • Fuzz-O-Meter
  • Danny’s Notebook
  • Hot Funk
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • UK TV Spot 1
  • UK TV Spot 2
  • Director’s Cut Trailer

Disc Two

  • We Made Hot Fuzz
  • Art Department
  • Friends & Family
  • Cranks, Cranes & Controlled Chaos
  • Here Come the Fuzz
  • Return to Sandford
  • Edgar & Simon’s Flip Chart
  • Simon Muggs
  • Sergeant Fisher’s Perfect Sunday
  • Plot Holes
  • Special Effects: Before & After
  • Video Blogs
  • Poster Gallery
  • Photo Gallery
  • AM Blam: Making ‘Dead Right’
  • Dead Right (1993)
  • Edgar Wright Director’s Commentary on Dead Right
  • Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Commentary on Dead Right

Disc Three

  • The Extended Fuzzball Rally
  • Video Blogs