Most everyone is in a Bond-loving kind of mood about now so it was a good idea to put out this fun vintage-styled Gambit poster, which promotes the remake scripted by the Coen Brothers in the mid-90s that has finally been completed under the handle of Michael Hoffman. The remake started as an Aaron Sokin project, enticed Alexander Payne at one point, and over a decade later settled in Hoffman’s hands, with the long-attached Firth finally able to craft his take on a role originated by Michael Caine.

This is your standard Art Heist/Con Man that influenced films like Brothers Bloom, though I can’t wait to see what kind of flavor the Coen Brothers sunk into it. I’m not sure if they did any more recent rewrites before filming but, if not, there’s something very special about a vintage Coen Brothers script finally seeing the light of day. A cast featuring Firth, Witherspoon, Rickman, with Stanley Tucci and Tom Courtenay supporting is enough to pique my interest on its own as well.

As for the poster, it’s very much a 60s spy poster with a pussy-stroking Alan Rickman, a lion, and a dorky Colin Firth. I’m sold.

The UK will enjoy Gambit very soon, starting on November 21st, with the US release still pushed to a murky date in 2013. Fingers crossed they nail that down soon.

Source | Sky Movies (via First Showing)