A little backstory. Throughout the years as I’ve tried to get a grasp on my own film career I’ve been asked by the folks I’m working with if there’s any filmmakers to watch and though I know some very talented folks there’s only one guy in my entire career that I’ve said is the next visionary director. I’m talking REAL visionary.

Troy Nixey is that one guy.

Over the last several years I’ve watched Troy’s seed of an idea for Latchkey’s Lament go from interesting teaser to fully blown 17 minute long mini-masterpiece. As I’ve pimped him to my cohorts, Troy has been honing that little sucker to perfection and when I finally showed the finished product to the folks I work with, they saw his ability too. End result: Troy Nixey is going to be a name you see in the credits of some pretty cool features written by some pretty incredible folks. Plus a couple written by the man himself! He’s going to be a favorite of yours for quite some time.

That’s for much later, though. Just know that the guy is here to stay and that you’ll finally be able to see this creepy and heartfelt little movie yourself real soon. Especially if you’re attending this year’s Toronto International Film Festival [our man Russ will be there covering it hardcore]. First, the synopsis:

LATCHKEY’S LAMENT employs a blend of CGI animation and live action to
tell a tale of love and heroism. Mr. And Mrs. Key are snatched from
their home late one evening by the insidious Keyfiend and taken back to
his monolithic factory. There Mr. Key witnesses the demise of his wife
at the hands of the Keyfiend. Mister Key must then escape the
Keyfiend’s clutches if he is to survive and avenge the spirit of his

Next, the screening details:

Latchkey’s Lament makes its world premiere as part of the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival.

September 12 9:45 PM

September 13 12:00 PM

Both showings at the Cumberland 3 theatre, 159 Cumberland street Toronto.

Stay tuned here for details on the upcoming projects, but if you’re in Toronto this coming week, make sure to hunt this one down. You won’t be disappointed.

See the trailer here.