Miska at Bloody Disgusting is reporting two interesting scoops about Cloverfield, the JJ Abrams produced giant monster movie that has been wearing out its welcome online:

1)    The title of the film WAS Monstrous until it hit the web. According to Brad they changed it up when that name became common knowledge. This seems stupid, as Monstrous isn’t that exciting a name or all that spoileriffic or anything. So why change it?
2)    Brad also says that the new title of the movie is… Wreck. This sounds like the sequel to Duel, and it’s just a rotten, rotten title for a monster movie.

I find myself unable to believe that Wreck is actually going to be the title of this film (but hey, wouldn’t it be funny if Monstrous and Wreck were just these guys moving towards settling on…. Rampage? Which is a half-assed rumor we reported a month or two back). My first guess is that it’s misinformation, bullshit sent through the pipes to see where it ends up; whoever is at Bad Robot and was told the movie is called Wreck is getting called into JJ’s office right now to discuss a severance package (which contains a Severance DVD).

I do like the idea that the title was changed, though – it shows a certain lost in the fog quality that I have long suspected was hampering this production. Maybe the secrecy isn’t about marketing… it’s about nobody having a fucking clue what’s going on. I can’t wait until the total let-down of the real title is announced.