About a month ago, Renn reported Sony’s intention to get the Mary Jane Watson character back into the rebooted Spider-Man movieverse. Whispers at the time pegged Shailene Woodley for the role. With Marc Webb answering questions on Twitter today to promote The Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-ray and DVD (Buy it from CHUD), it’s as good a time as any to confirm or deny such reports: 

So Woodley’s in, though he doesn’t exactly confirm she’s playing Mary Jane (she is). But Webb wasn’t done; he also shed some light on potential revisions to Spidey’s duds:

Fair enough, but they shouldn’t stop there. Spidey’s costume in Amazing was an overdesigned mess – not at all something a teenager with limited means would or could design.

I thought Webb’s reboot was good enough, nothing special but not terrible. I’m anxious to revisit it soon to see how it fares without the 3D – undoubtedly the film’s best non-Garfield asset.

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