I don’t understand how a MacGyver movie can move forward in a post-MacGruber world*. New Line’s best bet is playing the material as serious as possible. Play up MacGyver’s ability to craft a bomb out of a pocket knife and flint. They have to know their chance at parody died when Will Forte shoved a celery stick up his ass. As Variety reports, serious is exactly the approach they seem to be taking. If you ever wished to see the creative force behind the elaborate traps in Saw apply that acumen to the world of MacGyver, it’s your lucky day. Also, you think about things no one else does:

New Line is cobbling together its “MacGyver” movie, entering talks with James Wan after the director’s supernatural horror pic “The Conjuring” pleased studio brass.

It’s hard to muster an opinion one way or the other. There’s no word on Richard Dean Anderson’s involvement, but I’d much rather see him play MacGruber’s father in Forte and Jorma Taccone supposed Christmas-themed sequel treatment. God, I’d give my second and third nuts for a sequel to MacGruber. Wait, what were we talking about again?

Right, James Wan directing MacGyver. Great. Slow news day…