www.chud.com/nextraimages/creepydevin.jpgWith the Harry Potter book series over, I have nothing to look forward to but the final two movie adaptations. And while those are fun, they’re never quite as exciting as a new book. In fact, all I really have to look forward to at this point is that Warner Bros will finally show me some love and send me to a Harry Potter set. I want to go so fucking bad!

Were I to go to the set of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I might run into Helena Bonham Carter, who has been confirmed to return for the sixth film as Sirius Black’s evil cousin and killer, Bellatrix LeStrange. Apparently she’s the first confirmed name apart from the three kids for this film, but I imagine everyone else will quickly line up – hell, this movie will be Alan Rickman’s shining moment in the series.

The question, of course, is how many seconds Helena’s appearance will last. Will she possibly double the two and a half minutes of screen time she had in the last film? These movies are like cash cows for British actors – I imagine that showing up for a couple of days and having one line funds the rest of David Thewliss’ year.