admit that I’ve never been the biggest horror fan, but when I do dip my toes in
those waters, I try to make it count by avoiding crap as much as possible.
Thus, all I ever…err, saw of the Saw films was the UMD version of the
first movie which I stopped halfway through as I surrendered to the anti-acting
onslaught of Cary Elwes, Leigh Whannell, and Danny Glover. But we all know the
story…it became a hit and soon after, a brand name with the success of the
Halloween-dated sequels we’ve endured each year.

As a
brand name, that means it hardly matters what any individual installment is
about anymore, and as long as the promise of anonymous C-listers being hacked
up in traps is delivered upon, it remains a license to print money for
Lionsgate. With that in mind, I kind of understand the stingier-than-usual
teaser trailer for Saw IV. Where most teasers will hit you with a rush of images
and a title, here we get a rush of images and a title…projected on a digital
wall? If only this was a harbinger for a Saw vs. Popcorn offshoot franchise
(I mean, could they do worse? Is that even possible given the physical laws of
the world in which we live?)…

check it out for yourself by clicking
. Saw IV hits theaters October 26.