The “young guys being assholes” genre is an old one, and one densely packed with titles. It’s also a highly generational one, ensuring that Gen X’ers will continue to hate movies like Project X and now 21 & Over, the same as their predecessors turned their noses up at American Pie and the like.

In any event, I’m not sure what kind of response this trailer for 21 & Over will incite from most, but frankly I think it looks pretty funny. At the very least it seems jam packed with variety, and all of the major jokes work. At the very least, this should have an advantage over Project X by featuring three guys who you might not actively hate (even if that was kind of the point of that film). Miles TellerĀ is a charming actor, and he’ll likely do douche-bag with a bit more heart.

I like the Jeff Chang joke. That’s probably the litmus test on this one. All-in-all this seems more Harold & Kumar than Project X, so maybe it will work for more people.