I interviewed Seann William Scott for The Dukes of Hazzard, he had already finished his work on Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales and was wondering when anyone would see the movie. Since then a straight to DVD sequel to Hazzard has come out, but still no Southland Tales.

That’s supposedly changing this fall. While you’re finishing up your three year long wait for this film, why not enjoy a couple of clips from it, all of which are probably illegally online and will be removed soon? At least that’s what I assume when someone sends me a link to a clip or a still from, some Russian site. Russians have no respect for the rule of law; this is a fact.

The clips are linked at Twitchfilm, but I can only see one – one link seems broken, one clip is in fucking Real format, and the other one works. The one I can see has The Rock as an actor and director telling Seann William Scott, a cop, the plot of his edgy new scifi film. It seems a little meta, like he could be talking about Southland Tales (a movie which, in a few short months, will no longer even be set in the future). The clip’s pretty good, and while it’s only a minute or so of footage, it raises my hopes for this picture a little bit.