Do you want to go through the most interesting family vacation album ever? That’s the feeling of scrolling through the 150+ images presented in this gallery assembled by Comic Book Movie.

I eventually had to stop myself, as it’s about time to pop the breaks on this BTS stuff and create for myself at least a little bit of distance between the microscopic level of background detail available on The Hobbit and the actual experience of watching it. I’m not sure how 48fps has any chance if its hyper-reality is accentuated by the fact that I’ve seen all these sets untouched, unfinished, and filled with full-sized actors. How can any illusion maintain itself through this much explanation?

It’s a shame really, and a sign that Jackson’s awesome dedication to transparence has snowballed into a studio mandate to exploit the mind-boggling amount of photos, BTS videos, and other promotion-ready material they’re generating as much as humanly possible. There’s no escaping!

And with that, 150 goddamn behind the scenes stills from The Hobbit…

FYI, you can hit the top right gear icon and see any image in full-resolution (though many aren’t really any bigger). Also, I’m guessing these were yanked from an iPad app for The Hobbit or something, considering the quotes and captions and… the iPad status bar visible on some of the images. Classy!

Oh, and my favorite image?

Arm Table.

via /Film