Along with a slate of amazing features, Austin’s Fantastic Fest also offers up a bevvy of short films every year. One of the best from 2012’s line-up was The Sleepover, which came in as the runner-up for Best Horror Short (that is more impressive than it sounds; there are a lot of horror shorts at FF), and just won Vimeo’s Cabin in the Wood’s contest. Which means that Vimeo is currently airing the short for all to see.

Directed by Chris Cullari and written by Cullari and Jennifer Raite, the horror-comedy short is actually a proof-of-concept for a feature film about a town living “between the sequels” of an infamous masked killer. Cullari and Raite initially conceived the concept as a feature and are currently trying to put just such a production together. I’m hoping that winning a CITW contest means that Joss Whedon’s eyeballs may land on the decidedly Whedon-esque short and lend it a helping hand. Cause this could be a very fun feature.

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