! Skip to the end for a look at the casting sides for Justice League!

It looks like the Justice League movie is actually moving ahead in a real way – according to Obsessed With Film, Warner Bros has hired casting agents in Vancouver, Toronto and New York to put together honest to God humans to appear in an honest to God movie.

This is just the tip of what could be major news, since Obsessed With Film didn’t get the names or descriptions of the characters being cast, or the pages that prospective actors will have to read for the casting agents. That’s where the gold is – especially if we see that WB is looking for a new Superman (this would torpedo the Tom Welling rumors that I personally hate).

If casting is happening now, I have to imagine that WB will make their first official announcements – like confirming George Miller as the director – in the days to come.

UPDATE: Clint from Moviehole got his hands on the casting sides. Here is some of the dialogue actors who audition will be asked to read:

Female Role #1 – Antagonist
"Well, what aren’t you scared of? You live in your safe little world where nobody challenges you and you’re scared shitless to do anything else -"

Female Role #2 – Antagonist
"People like you can’t handle the truth. We live in a belligerent world. A world that has to be protected by those like you. Who else is going to do it?"

Uhhhh… There are three female antagonist roles and five male. But that’s all the info they have. And the dialogue, by the way, is from the great film Network. If you haven’t seen that movie you should make sure you do before you waste money on a Justice League film.