the Requiem for a Dream music finally been retired from trailers? Clint Mansell’s classic bit of music has been seen in so many trailers that it’s become something of a cliché, but has never managed to dull the impact of the actual genius work. If the Requiem music is being retired, what would take over for it?

How about another bit of Mansell: the music from The Fountain. That’s what the trailer for The Mist is scored with, and it works like gangbusters. Stephen King is not a great writer but he’s a terrific yarn-spinner, and The Mist is one of his better yarns. Meanwhile Frank Darabont seems to be able to find the best aspects of King’s work and bring it to the fore, and the two and a half minutes of this trailer indicate that we’re in for something tense, exciting, thoughtful and good.

I won’t yap more about the trailer, which seems to be pretty spoilery, but you can brave it for yourself right here. And when you’re done watching it I bet you’ll want to go pick up the soundtrack to The Fountain. I’ll make it easy for you – just click here and buy it from CHUD!