looks like old Jake was out at one of his favorite West Hollywood night spots and had something that didn’t agree with him. Or maybe he’s discovered that he’s in a movie that has the kind of poisonous buzz you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, unless your worst enemy is Adam Shankman, in which case fuck that guy.

This Jakehead is a detail from the terrible new poster for Rendition, a terra war movie that I have heard described as either being bad, horrible or completely rotten. So mixed reviews.

The full poster, which really is bad, can be seen at Cinematical, a site you can now read without shame since they HAVE BEEN RESCUED FROM* their hateful old editor in chief and brought on the delightful Erik Davis. Click on over there and be awed at the Photoshop skills of someone in New Line’s marketing department.

* I changed the original language because of an email from Ryan Stewart, the former editor in chief of Cinematical, who took issue with the language used to describe his departure from the site. Who cares how or why he left – all anyone cares is that the horrible little creep is gone. So with that in mind, and with nothing but joy that the distasteful and widely disliked fellow has moved on, I have amended the article.