The Giver is one of those literary adaptations in Hollywood that’s been such a no-brainer that it’s now struggled to get made for almost 20 years. Jeff Bridges has overseen the property since shortly after its release and, while he briefly lost the rights to Warner Brothers, has been developing it long enough that he himself has aged into a part that he originally saw his father Lloyd Bridges filling.

The shift from Bridges to Warner Brothers five years ago was the last we heard about the anti-utopian tale of a homogenized society that endures by suppressing emotion and identity, while appointing one member of society to retain all of civilization’s collective memories. Warner Brothers acquiring the property did not ultimately result in much momentum though, and now it’s back in Bridges’ hands along with partner Nikki Silver. Apparently the two are negotiating with Phillip Noyce to direct, as The Weinstein Company takes on the studio role along with Walden Media. Things are early yet, but this could represent this project finally taking off if the Salt director agrees to it.

Lois Lowry’s novel is one most of my generation is familiar with, as it was firmly entrenched in the 7th-grade literary curriculum by the time we passed through it at the turn of the century. I have to imagine a big adaptation would draw a lot of attention, and even with most of the story having floated out of my mind, I must admit a inexplicable urge to see this happen. We’ll keep you updated.

Source | Variety (via /Film)